Islamabad and Rawalpindi Weather Forecast

Very Windy Weather Expected By Islamad and Rawalpindi Weather Forecast WARM DAYS & COOL NIGHTS

Islamabad and Rawalpindi Weather Forecast

As the WD departs, VERY WINDY & DRY conditions are expected from Tuesday to Friday in the Potohar Plateau including Islamabad & Rawalpindi where Gale force winds (> 60 km/h) are expected in CLEAR SUNSHINE especially on Wed/Thurs causing a drop in Humidity levels. In the Southern Potohar including the Salt range, North M2 motorway and along G.T road, maximum wind gusts may reach 75 km/h.DAY

Temprature Forecast

Temperatures are expected to drop by 2-3°C & remain below average while Night temperatures will drop by 6-8°C thus remaining Cool & below average too.


The Peak season of Pollen is over but Warm & Windy conditions will nonetheless keep pollen concentrations (especially Paper Mulberry) at VERY HIGH levels. Allergic patients and sensitive individuals are cautioned to adopt precautionary and preventive measures. Air quality will improve during this time

Weather Tomorrow

Clear skies & Cool Expected Min temp: ISB city: 10-12°C, RWP: 14-16°C!

Tomorrow 30th March): SUNNY, WARM & Windy in the afternoon. Max temp: 27-29°C.

Winds : NW/W/SW @ 10-30 km/h, max. gusts 50 km/h.Past 24 hours: |Max / Min #temperatures (in °C)| #Islamabad: Banigala… 29.5 / 20.7 ; H-8/2….30.3 / 19.0 ~New Islamabad Airport 31.5 / 18.5;|#Rawalpindi: Bahria Ph.2. .. 30.8 / 22.3°C ;Westridge….30.8 / 22.2°CTotal Pollen Count was 16,474 in Sector H-8-2 Islamabad which is HIGH.

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