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Weather Info For Upcoming Rainy Spell

Synoptic Situation: temperatures are increasing in different areas of Pakistan and spring has fully set up in most parts of Pakistan summer Knocking on the doors. As per weather info a rainy spell likely this weekend which may cause a slide drop in temperatures.

Weather Today: weather today remained hot and cloudy in most parts of Pakistan. Temperatures are likely to increase in most part of Pakistan however northern areas will see normal weather as clouds will pass.

Weather Tomorrow: weather tomorrow will remain hot and cloudy in most parts of Pakistan there are few chances of rainfall in Northern areas of Pakistan however no significant weather likely in any area of Pakistan.

Weather 10 Days: weather 10 days will generally see as increasing temperature as temperature may reach up to 40 degree centigrade in most parts of Pakistan. There are few chance of rainy spell likely this weekend. But there is no hope of permanent over long winters anymore

Expected Snowfall In Murree : Murree weather snowfall has declined as temperatures are not favorable to produce any snowfall in murree. Murree snowfall 2024 is now postponed to end of the year which means next winter. BBC Weather Murree Expecting good rain and drop in temperatures this weekend.

Mianwali Weather Today: Wheat is ready and rain is really damaging. Mianwali Weather Today remained warm and temperature will increase.

BBC Weather Karachi: Karachi weather is pleasant and good rains occurred this year. Weather 10 days seems like no significant rain likely. BBC weather Karachi will be hot and dry. Yahoo weather Karachi showing sunny days throughout the period. CNN Weather Karachi also expected to be dry and sunny.

Lakki Marwat Weather: Lakki Marwat will see rainy spell this weekend which might cause some harm to crops as hailstorm likely due to interaction.

Quetta Weather 15 Days: Quetta weather 15 days promising rainy spell and much pleasant temperatures.

Weather Lahore 15 Days: Temperatures in Lahore exceeded 30 degrees and it will reach upto 39 degree in March. Bbc weather Lahore said that weather Lahore 15 days will be dry and hot and rainy by end of the period. Weather Lahore 15 Days Bbc also on page for dry weather with increasing temperatures.

BBC Weather Narowal: BBC Weather Narowal stated that few rain will occur this weekend however temperatures will continue rising.

Weather In Islamabad 15 Days: Weather In Islamabad 15 Days suggest a rainy spell and many sunny days. Temperatures will rise upto 33 degrees. Bbc weather Islamabad report stays same for rainy weather conditions.

Weather Rawalpindi 30 Days: Weather Rawalpindi 30 Days will remain mixed as rainy spells followed by heat waves likely.

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BBC Weather Mansehra: BBC Weather Mansehra will remain pleasant followed by few rainy spells.

Yahoo Weather Sambrial: Yahoo Weather Sambrial showing rainy weekend and increasing temperatures as we move into summers.

Weather In Multan 10 Days : Weather In Multan 10 Days will remain dry with increasing temperatures. No significant rain likely.

Weather Jamali Balochan will remain dry with increasing temperatures over time.

Weather Chowk Munda will bear high temperatures with increasing trend.

Bahawalpur weather yahoo also showing increased temperatures with sunny days. Wheat crop harvesting will begin anytime.

Weather Report Zafarwal: Weather Zafarwal 14 Days will be mostly sunny. A rainy spell likely in zafarwal this weekend as per weather info.

Weather Haroonabad will be sunny and warm with increasing temperatures.

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