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New Rainy Weather System Coming Pakistan

Met office reported that two rainy systems are likely in Pakistan this week. Which are likely to produce rain in upper and Central parts of Pakistan and it will be followed by a cold wave which will cause a drop in temperature in most parts of Pakistan. On the other hand smog will continue in different areas of Pakistan and will cause hazardous condition across Pakistan.

Met Office Weather Report

New Rainy Spell

BBC Weather Islamabad : light tomorrow date and likely in different areas of Islamabad during next 48 hours.

BBC Weather Rawalpindi : weather forecast Rawalpindi will remain in watch for next 48 hours as a thunderstorm rain likely.

BBC Weather Karachi : Karachi Saw good rain yesterday however dry whether likely for next many days

BBC Weather Peshawar : Peshawar will see rainy weather for next 4 to 5 days later in likely however no significant rain chances.

BBC Weather Quetta : heavy rainfall likely during next 24 hours and flash flooding likely in mountains temperature will drop.

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