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Review of EXTREME EVENT over Potohar and Adjoining areas : 31 Aug to 05 Sep 2020

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A low pressure area (LPA) formed over head bay of Bengal on 24 August 2020. The LPA tracked WNW over West Bengal and intensified into a well marked low pressure area (WML) and extended upto 7.6 km above mean sea level (ASL) tilted south west (SW) in hight.

The LPA kept on tracking roughly in same direction with similar intensity and reached west Rajhastan and adj Pakistani Punjab on 30 August and kept on tilting SW, till then. In subsequent 48 hours under influence of strong surge of tropical easterly jet ( TEJ) from SE direction, the tilt gradually shifted from SW to NW, where a strong WD as trough in mid tropospheric westerlies at 5.8 KM ASL at 60 E. 30 N. with a trough aloft over Kpk and western Potohar with weakening ridge over central Asia was already present.

In the meantime WML weakened to LPA on 01 Sep and hight decreased from 7.6 to 5.8 KM ASL and in subsequent 24 hours the LPA further weakened to a Cyclonic circulation (CC) and seen upto 3.1 KM ASL but due to availability of polward outflow from WD, CC persisted over NW Rajhastan and Adj Punjab in lower levels. Another fast moving CC in lower levels from BOB to NW Rajhastan on late 02 Sep to 05 Sep triggered more lower tropospheric winds from BOB to Potohar.

Under the influence of above Synopsis widespread rain thunder showers with widespread heavy to very heavy falls with scattered extremely heavy falls occurred over Potohar, Khushab, Mianwali on 31 Aug to 1st September, while on off scattered rains with isolated heavy falls continued till 05 Sep 2020 .

The rain received by different official and unofficial stations of District Chakwal.

District Chakwal 31 Aug to 5 Sep 2020

Makhial ( Kallar Kahar)  504mm
Kallar Kahar city: 440 mm
Dhurnal : 311mm
Bhoun AWS : 279mm
Mureed base:226mm.
Dhok Choi( Kot Gula) :215mm.

Fahim Malik Dhurnal

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