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Review of cloud burst over Wahali, Chakwal 10 July 2020

Synoptic Situation

WD as trough in mid tropospheric westerlies at 5.8 kM ASL was prevailing over NE Afghanistan. While a Weakening LPA was present over SE Sindh and adjoining NE Arabian sea, Although S winds were blowing toward upper parts including Potohar due to heating in Kashmir associated with MJO entrance into Western Indian ocean. Ms trough at MSL was running Amritser to NMMT. A low level circulation was present over western Sargodha up to 0.9 km ASL. The northward moving Lpa in Arabian sea sent moist pulses from South, which interacted with locally blowing NW winds, and caused a micro scale confluence zone, and thunderstorm rose, which further amplified by over flowing STJ. The CC in SW and salt ranges in South of the village further confined the TS and extended its temporal scale.

Observational Data

The day started with relatively cool temperature, and then heat built up with elevation of Sun. Cumulus started appearing around 10 AM and hovered  around, but couldn’t get mature . Alto cumulus started to form as cumulus gain some height, but still there were no proper CBs. TS activity in Soon valley SW of my locality, which probably provided some outflow (useful for rising the air more vertically) . Wind direction from SW was feeding Arabian moisture to the clouds. A thunderstorm formed north of Kallar Kahar around Bhoun and heavy rain reported from there on AWS. A thunder cell developed just in my west and rapidly started moving eastward. Continuous thundering, which often indicate heavy rain in july was observed. Very big drops in earlier phase were evident of something bigger ahead.
It started pouring with strong winds just in a while and continued for 30 mins, there was a brief gap of rainfall, but again around 2 PM, new overhead TS poured more than previous. I personally recorded 49.5mm of rainfall.

Admin – Danish Zia
Collaboration- Fahim Malik

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