Why floods come in Pakistan?

Why do floods come in Pakistan?

The first reason that caused floods in Pakistan is our dishonesty, bribery and wickedness. Something we all need to control. It is not possible that Allah Almighty should put a nation in this calamity for no reason. We are present to you today with the climatic reason of why there was floods in Pakistan. Subscribe to this channel of ours now.

Why do floods come in Pakistan?

Why Flood Occurs?

If meteorological reason is mentioned, the La-nina and Al-nino are the two extreme climates which bring this drought in Pakistan. They bring heavy rain this year and due to Lanina most areas of Pakistan remained flooded. Now, what happens how does it affect?

When flood comes in Pakistan?

If we consider Australia and South America, in between both is called the pacific ocean. The Pacific ocean, if it is hot or cold, floods or droughts occur all over the world. if winds from east blow in this ocean which generally flows from east to west and continues during neutral conditions. But if these winds intensify, these winds carry the hot water that South America has and brings it to Australia and the cold water goes to South America. It is caused to bring it to Pakistan when it comes.

How Climate Change is Affecting Pakistan?

The Pacific Ocean, whether hot or cold, causes floods and droughts all across the planet. If easterly winds blow in this ocean, which flows from east to west and persists under neutral circumstances. However, if these winds become stronger, they will take the hot water from South America to Australia, while the cold water would flow to South America. When it arrives, it is caused to bring floodsit to Pakistan.

Can floods be predicted?

If winds blowing fast from east to west slow down, they move reverse from west to east, then this hot water take them to America, known as Al-nino. Meanwhile in Pakistan winter rains are very heavy and summer rains are almost non-existent, due to which the droughts is found in most of the places in the world. So yes, flood can be predicted.

Why do we have floods?

The reason for the excessive rainfall of Monsoon in Pakistan and India is La-nina. And Al-nino happens to be the causes of less Monsoon rain in Pakistan and India. Similarly, my brothers, there is a phase of increasing and decreasing. If La-nina is increasing, then rains will come to Pakistan with intensity and if it is winter.

Why do we have floods?

Extreme weather conditions in Pakistan

If we talk about it, if La-nina increases in winter, then the rains end. Similarly, if it is decreasing, then the winter rains increase and the summer rains decrease. This situation is the opposite of Al-nino that if Al-nino is increasing, then winter gets more rains. Similarly the rains will be less in summers and if Al-nino is decreasing then winter rains will be less and summer rains will be more.

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