Weather This Week

The weather this week will remain dry in most parts of Pakistan with a drop-in temperature and an increase in fog. A rainy spell is likely in northern areas of Pakistan which will cause snowfall in northern areas and fog in the plains of Pakistan. The temperature will drop further and intense winter will start.

Weather Today

Weather Today in Pakistan is presumably in dry conditions in the major parts of Pakistan with a downfall in temperature and also a heavy fog will face roughly throughout the country. Nevertheless, the upper parts of Pakistan especially northern areas would see a rainy spell in the shape of snowfall.

Weather Tomorrow

The weather tomorrow in Pakistan will continue with a plunge in temperature and an upsurge trend would be anticipated in fog. On the other hand, a rainy spell can give entry into northern parts of Pakistan which will be the reason for snowfall in northern areas, while the fog is expected in the plain areas.

Weather This Week

Weather Forecast

As it is transparently mentioned above, the upcoming weather forecast reports say that a dry and cool wave will wrap the plain areas of Pakistan in the shape of fog. Whereas, the northern parts of Pakistan would likely engage in a rainy spell which will cause snowfall in northern areas.

Weather Update

Weather update reports conspicuously say that dry and cool weather is on the doorstep of Pakistan in this ongoing month of November. The plain areas would face fog, while the northern areas of Pakistan will experience a rainy spell in the form of snowfall.

Weather This Week

Weather Pakistan

Most of the country should expect chilly, dry weather. However, light rain (light snow over hills) is expected in upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir, and neighboring areas. During the early morning hours, fog is expected to form over a few locations in Punjab’s plains.

Winter in Pakistan 2022

Winter season in Pakistan 2022 has just set on and in the next week, there is intense cool and dry conditions are expected typically in the plain areas of Pakistan. If we take a look at the northern area’s weather prediction a rainy spell is hopefully will bring a wave of cold in the shape of snowfall.

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