Weather Update After Rainy Spell

Weather Today

What’s the weather today? And, how’s the weather today? Weather at my location. These are usual queries for any searcher on the search bar. So take a breath you are at the right platform from where you can find all the authentic answers to your questions. The weather forecast for today says cold and arid weather is expected in most parts of Pakistan, including north Balochistan and upper regions. However light rain and snowfall are anticipated over the mountains in Kashmir and Gilgit- Baltistan. The weather report at the end of January 2023 is quite pleasant.

Weather Report

Weather Tomorrow

Weather Report

The weather forecast for tomorrow is likely cold and dry with a sunny day in the major parts of the country. The recent rainy spell and snowfall upper the hills make the winter more pleasant. However, the weather tomorrow morning will be cooler than the day due to cold western winds.

Weather Report

Weather of Murree

The Murree today weather shows that the weather in Murree would be partial cloudy and the temperature can surge to -3 °C with 100% of humidity which causes severe cold conditions. The weather in Murre will remain almost the same for the next two days. The weather report at the end of January 2023 translucently shows that the Murree weather experienced snowfall.

Weather Report

Weather in Islamabad

The weather of Islamabad is predicted pleasant and amusing with a bright day. The BBC Islamabad weather today shows that the temperature could drop to 2 °C with slightly cold conditions in the daytime. The Islamabad weather forecast for the next two days will remain unchanged.

Weather Report

BBC Weather Karachi

The weather in Karachi is leading toward moderate with slightly cool situations at night and morning time. However, the temperature is expected to be 10 °C and the wetness in the air is around about 30%.
Weather Report

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