Pakistan Weather Update 2022

Pakistan weather update 2022 report apparently says that the weather conditions are anticipated to be cold and dry in significant parts of the country. Whereas, major cities of Pakistan can also be experienced shallow (lightweight) fog. Now turning to the northern areas of Pakistan, a rainy thunderstorm is predicted in the upper parts including Gilgit-Baltistan, upper KPK, and Kashmir.

Weather Today

The weather forecast data reveals that most parts of the country are experiencing continental air. There is a westerly wave is expected to approach the upper western sections of Pakistan. This wave will lead to vigorous cold throughout the country.

Tomorrow Weather

As half of November has gone and the winter season in Pakistan heading towards severe condition day by day. However, the weather is projected cold and dry with superficial fog in considerable parts of Pakistan. This weather situation can be eradicated with a rainy spell and most people are waiting with impatience. Nevertheless, the upper areas of Pakistan are likely to face a worth seeing snowfall over the hills and mountains.

Winter in Pakistan 2022

The winter in Pakistan 2022 has barely begun, and strong chilly, and dry weather is forecast across Pakistan’s plains throughout the coming week. According to the weather forecast for the northern area, a wet spell will ideally bring a wave of cold in the form of snowfall.

Pakistan Weather Update 2022

Now we will take a look at the city-wise weather report all over Pakistan:

Weather Islamabad

First of all, we take notice of the weather forecast report of the city of the Federal Government (Islamabad). Cold and dry weather is expected in Islamabad for the next two days with an average minimum temperature that can be declined to 7°C, while humidity is 87% recorded.

Weather in Karachi

Now turning to the most populous city of Pakistan, the weather of Karachi will likely remain dry for the next two days, whilst the lightweight fog will abound on the outskirts districts of the city. An average minimum temperature will be 19°C with 86% humidity in the air.

Weather Hyderabad

It can be explicitly observed that the weather conditions in the vital cities of Sindh will be consistent for the next two days. If we put a spotlight on the weather of Hyderabad, it is projected to be dry on sunny days with a minimum average temperature of 18 °C and humidity in the air of 77%, slightly the same as Karachi weather.

Weather Sukkur

Now take notice of the weather. Sukkur report which is transparent says the majority of the province will have dry weather. However, thin fog is expected to remain in Sukkur and neighboring regions throughout the early hours. Here the minimum temperature I around 14°C while humidity is at 85%.

Weather Larkana

The Larkana weather is as same as the other cities of Sindh with dry and mild cold situations. The recorded temperature at the minimum level is 16 °C, while the humidity is at 81%.

Weather in Lahore

Turning now to the heart of Punjab, Lahore, and providing a bird’s-eye view of the weather in Lahore, The weather in Lahore is expected to be dry and slightly foggy for the next two days. Although, the temperature recorded in Lahore and its suburbs will be 12 to 14 °C with a humidity of 82% in the air.

Weather in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi and Islamabad are also called the “twin cities” of Pakistan. Therefore, the weather conditions would also resemble each other. The weather in Rawalpindi, on the other hand, is just as dry and cold as it is in Islamabad. But here is the good news, the weather could take a turning point on Saturday and a pleasant rainy spell is expected. The lowest projected temperature in Rawalpindi is 9 °C and humidity is around about 78%.

Pakistan Weather Update 2022

Most of the province will experience cold and dry weather. However, rain (snowfall over the hills) is expected in the higher districts of Chitral, Dir, Buner, Swat, Mansehra, Abbottabad, Mardan, Kurram, and Kohistan.

Pakistan Weather Update 2022

Weather in Murree

The Murree weather can touch 5°C in the next two days, whereas it is also expected to reach 3°C on Saturday, which will cause a rainy spell in the form of snowfall. This thunderstorm will lead to a severe cold wave in Murree.

Weather in Sialkot

The weather in Sialkot is expected to be dry. Most parts of the city should expect cold and dry weather. while the weather is partly overcast with isolated light showers. The minimum level of an average temperature is near 22 °C, and the humidity in the air is more or less 58%.

Weather Multan

In Multan, “the city of saints” cool and sunny days are expected for the next few days. The weather remains cold and dry in this span of time. Temperature measurement shows the lowest temp will be 11 °C whilst humidity will be almost 83%.

Weather Faisalabad

The Faisalabad weather reports elaborate that the weather of this city will be the same as the other cities of Punjab likewise cold and dry, but on Saturday there is predicted a hide and seek between sun and clouds. The humidity is at 82% with the lowest measure temperature being 10 °C.

Weather in Gujranwala

The perceptions about Gujranwala weather crystal clearly say that weather will remain unchanged for the next two days with the perpetuation of cold and dryness. The calculation of temperature and humidity is 23 °C and 35% respectively.

Weather Attock

The weather in Attock will slightly take a curve from dryness to a rainy spell in the upcoming days probably from tomorrow. This pleasant wave will abolish this currently rough weather situation. According to the weather forecast reports the temperature can dive up to 7 °C with 93% humidity.

Weather Peshawar

Moving forward to the city of flowers Peshawer weather data conspicuously describes that a rainy spell is coming close to the city, its outskirts district, and Tehsils would likely be tomorrow. In this case, the temperature will plunge to 5 °C.

Weather of Abbottabad

According to the weather forecast, the weather of Abbottabad will experience a rainy spell in the upcoming days. Therefore, Abbottabad’s temperature can nosedive up to 3 °C.

Weather Naran

Most parts of the province should expect cold and dry weather. However, rain (snowfall over the hills) is expected in the higher districts of Chitral, Dir, Buner, Swat, Mansehra, Abbottabad, Mardan, Kurram, and Kohistan.

Weather Skardu

Now have a look at the upper areas of Pakistan which are located in Gilgit-Baltistan. These parts of Pakistan are undergoing harsh and too-cold weather conditions with the temperature below the positive figures. Skardu weather is predicted at -3 °C with snowfall for the next few days.

Weather Hunza

Gilgit Baltistan including Hunza might anticipate partly overcast skies with rain-thundershowers (snowfall over the hills). Hunza will also face immersion in temperature for up to -1 °C in the shape of snowfall over the tops of mountains.

Weather Muzaffarabad

The capital of Kashmir Muzaffarabad weather data suggests that there is also a rainy cloud progressing towards the capital city of Kashmir and slight rain is expected for Saturday.

Weather of Quetta

The Quetta weather analysis describes that the majority of the city will see dry weather, while the northern parts will experience chilly weather. The weather will remain cloudy at the 1 °C descent level of temperature.

Pakistan Weather Update 2022

Most parts of the province should expect cold and dry weather. In the Murree, Gillyat, and Potohar regions, partly overcast weather with isolated light rain is expected. However, fog is expected to form over Faisalabad, Okara, Mian Channu, Bahawalpur, and Multan in the early morning hours.

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