Weather Today

According to the weather forecast for Murree today, the weather will remain dry, cold, and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 0°C to -03°C. However, the humidity in the air is recorded at 50%, resulting in extreme cold. The Murree weather snowfall of 2023 is expected on the weekend of this ongoing week.

Weather Tomorrow

If we take a look at the weather tomorrow report of Murree weather, there is partially cloudy condition is expected throughout the upcoming day, whereas the minimum temperature is projected up to -2°C with severe cold and dry conditions.

Murree Weather Snowfall 2023

Weather This Week

Now, let’s take a look at the weather in Murree for the rest of the week. As narrated above, the Murree weather will remain extremely cold and dry up to January 6, whereas there is snowfall expected on the weekend starting on January 7, 2023. Therefore, people who are keen to see snowfall are waiting impatiently to enjoy this precious scenery on their behalf. But be careful and cautious while traveling to northern areas, especially (snowy areas) and be aware of the weather forecast for the sites you plan to visit.

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