Weather Today

According to the weather report for today, the temperature would plunge to the freezing point in most areas of Pakistan, which would cause frost in open fields. While more rain and snow are expected in Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, the upper parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, and the north of Punjab will face severe cold conditions.

More Rain and Snow are Likely in Pakistan

Weather Tomorrow

As reported by the weather forecast for tomorrow, the temperature could dip below the freezing point in major parts of Pakistan, whereas shallow fog will be experienced in wide areas. It is anticipated that most areas of the nation will experience cold and arid conditions, with exceptionally frigid temperatures in Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and north Balochistan.

More Rain and Snow are Likely in Pakistan

Weather This Week

More Rain and Snow are Likely in Pakistan

The weather report for this week indicates that it will remain dry and cold, while the plain regions of the country will face frost, which will cause extreme cold. However, a rainy spell will enter Pakistan expected from 18 Jan to 24 Jan . This rainy spell will take a slow start, and when it ends, it will be absolute. The major parts of the country will witness this incredible spell.

More Rain and Snow are Likely in Pakistan

Karachi Weather

The Karachi weather today will remain lightly cool and dry, with a sunny day. This weather pattern is expected to continue for the next few days, with subcontinental winds keeping it dry and cold. However, a rainy spell will take an entry that will slightly impact Karachi weather in the shape of drizzling.

More Rain and Snow are Likely in Pakistan

Lahore Weather

The Lahore weather today will remain dry and cold, with rare fog conditions in the plains outside the city. The temperature could drop up to 3 °C with a 49% humidity level. Therefore, the expected rainy spell which will initiate its commencement from 18 Jan till 24 Jan will influence Lahore’s weather.

More Rain and Snow are Likely in Pakistan

Islamabad Weather

The weather of the capital city, Islamabad, will also remain dry, cold, and sunny. The temperature in Islamabad could fall to -02 °C for the next few days. Meanwhile, more rain and snow are likely in Pakistan. This is heading toward Pakistan and will cover the vital parts of the country, including Islamabad. This will cause extreme cold conditions in Islamabad.

More Rain and Snow are Likely in Pakistan

Rawalpindi Weather

As we all know, Rawalpindi and Islamabad are known as the “twin cities” of Pakistan. As a consequence, the weather forecast is a bit resemble each other. According to the Rawalpindi weather forecast, More Rain and snow, and the temperature in the city can reach -02 °C with 57% humidity. Therefore, the weather will remain a bit chilly and cool for the next few days. As mentioned above, the predicted rainy spell will show its appearance with rain and thunderstorms.

Murree weather

The Murree weather forecast report elaborates that the weather in Murree from (today to Tuesday) will remain extremely cold with sunny days. The recorded temperature will remain between -03 °C and -05 °C, with more than 70% humidity in the wind. More Rain and Snow in the form of snowfall will begin on Wednesday, January 18 of the upcoming week and last until January 24. As we well know, the Murree snowfall urges a wide majority of visitors all over the country to enjoy these memorable moments in Murree. The first Murree weather snowfall in 2023 compels immense tourists likewise this imminent snowfall spell will also do so.

More Rain and Snow are Likely in Pakistan

Peshawar Weather

The Peshawar weather will face utmost cold weather conditions with a projected temperature of -01 °C with more than 30% of humidity in the air for the next few days. However, Isolated areas of upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa experienced rainfall, with snowfall being reported in Malam Jabba, Bagrote, and Mir Khani over the same period.

Quetta Weather

With 50% of the moisture in the air, the temperature in Quetta could drop to -09 °C, causing acute cold throughout the city until January 17. In Balochistan, upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir,, and Gilgit Baltistan, temperatures are expected to be very cold, and fog or frost is likely to occur in plain areas of Punjab and upper Sindh. Additionally, frost may occur in the Pothohar region and Kashmir during the morning hours.

Sialkot Weather

The weather in Sialkot is expected to be cold and dry until Tuesday, with shallow fog in the suburbs of the city. However, an anticipated rainy spell in Pakistan next week will increase the chances starting on Wednesday, January 18. This spell will put a deep influence in most parts of the country.

Multan Weather

Likewise, in other major cities of Pakistan, Multan’s weather will also be forecast as slightly cold and dry with bright sunshine. A cold wave will overlap the city for the next few days due to a likely rainy spell in the country. The city of Multan is expected to experience this rainy spell in the form of drizzling or thunderstorms in some areas of the city.

Gujranwala Weather

The weather in Gujranwala aka (the city of Wrestlers) is expected dry and chill whereas, a light fog will wrap over the open field outskirts of the city. But there is a piece of good news for habitants of Gujranwala, especially for peasants rainy clouds are heading toward Pakistan which is expected to bestow the Gujranwala city with heavy rain.

Jhelum Weather

The weather in Jhelum is also much closer resemblance most parts of the country with dry and cold air. The temperature of the city can dip up to 02 °C with more than 90% of humidity which will cause cool winds. However, More Rain and Snow are expected next week will show off its impact on Jhelum city.

Faislabad Weather

The weather in Faisalabad until Tuesday is projected to be dry and by far cold in the city. Nonetheless, fog will be experienced in some plain areas of the city. The weather could be changed to very cold conditions due to a likely rainy spell in Pakistan including Faisalabad. The temperature could fall to 01 °C until Tuesday of the upcoming week.

Sargodha Weather

According to the weather forecast report of Sargodha, the city of Shaheens will face dry and cold conditions of weather till 17 Jan. Afterwards, from Wednesday a rainy spell will overtake the sunlight in the vital parts of the country including Sargodha. As consequence, a cold wave of winter will also set back till the last of this ongoing month of January.

Muzaffarabad Weather

The weather in Muzaffarabad is expected cold and dry due to the high quality of humidity in the air which will cause a drop in the temperature. The weather in other cities of Kashmir Srinagar, Jammu, Garhi Dopataa, and Rawalakot will also remain the same as in Muzaffarabad while there is an acute condition of cold In Leh with -15°C of temperature level due to more rain and snow likely in Pakistan.

Gilgit Weather

The weather in Gilgit -Baltistan including Hunza, Astore, and Skardu is expected severely cold with temperatures below the freezing point all over Gilgit-Baltistan. While More Rain and Snow are anticipated from next week throughout Gilgit-Baltistan.

Murree Snowfall

The Murree weather snowfall in 2023 would be anticipated from Wednesday of next week in Murree, 2023, according to the meteorological forecast (likely Wednesday 18 Jan) More Rains and Snow are likely in Pakistan. However, a glittering white covering of snow would cover Murree’s hills and slopes. Undoubtedly, this will force travelers and snowfall lovers in Pakistan to go there.

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