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Met Office Predicted Severe Heat Wave

Met Office Predicted Severe Heat Wave

Met Office Predicted Severe Heat Wave During Next Week

A severe Heat Wave is coming next week in Pakistan. Severe Heatwave conditions predict during the next week. Met Office warns that high pressure tends to grip the upper atmosphere from Sunday. Because of this high-pressure, day temperatures are likely to increase gradually in most parts of the country from Sunday.

  • Day temperatures tend to remain 07-09°C above normal in upper Punjab, Islamabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, and also in Kashmir as well.
  • Day temperatures are to remain 06-08°C above normal in Upper and Central Sindh, Central and South Punjab, and parts of Balochistan.


  • Since severe heatwaves are going to impact, very hot and dry weather may cause water stress on water reservoirs, crops, vegetables, and orchards.
  • Intensely High temperatures may cause an increase in energy demand.
  • Heating temperatures may also increase the base flow in the rivers during the next week.
  • Farmers should manage crop water accordingly because of intense heat.
  • The general public is also advised to avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight.
Met Office Predicted Severe Heat
Met Office Press Release

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