How much rain expected in April, May, June and Moonsoon 2022 Pakistan Weather Forecast

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Peace be upon you friends, I hope you all will be fine. You are welcome to the Pakistan weather forecast. Ramadan is near and May and June are the peak months of summer in Pakistan. Meanwhile, how will the weather be in different parts of Pakistan? and what? You will be informed in this video about the weather situation and how much rainfall will occur. You can comment on the name of your city below to know the weather in your area.

The month of Ramadan will be complete during April so Pakistan. Various areas of Pakistan will see continuous rains during this time. Due to the increasing heat, whether the rain series is weak or powerful, all areas of Pakistan see hail and lightning incidents and storms. Farmer brothers are careful. Electricity on you while going to the field.

There are hundred percent chances of falling, whether clouds are formed or thundering, you should not go to the fields. Also, for those who travel in hilly areas, if you see more rain there, be careful during this time because land sliding and severe weather situations will cause you. There may be a danger that the month of Ramadan will completely cause periodic rains. There are chances of hailstorms and lightning in different areas due to severe weather conditions. Also, in the meantime, where clouds will form. There will be good rainfall but other areas will see light rain and hail during this time.

Meanwhile, Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir will see rains on a daily basis. In the meantime, if USC i.e. upper eight cyclonic circulation is formed in Rajasthan, then Sindh will have waves, i.e. it will rain door to door. But without this, most of the plain areas of Pakistan will also continue to see rain. May and June will also pass like this.

It will end over time and the intensity of the rains will increase over time. Even the moon seven will come. Now during Moon seven, whether it is a lawn or neutral. All areas of Pakistan will see good rains from Karachi to Kashmir.

This will be very beneficial for Pakistan and all areas of Pakistan where the drought situation will end. For more details, updates and videos, subscribe to our channel, click on the bell icon and watch every upcoming update. Get it

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