What exactly is HAARP American Technology in Urdu?

HAARP Technology

What is HAARP Technology and what it does is a subject we’ll address today? The majority of Pakistanis believe American technology is behind the cause of calamities and damage. They utilize it to generate flooding, and as a result, we are subject to terrible conditions. HAARP claims that the High-Frequency  Active Aerial Research Program is ineffective. Satellites in orbit allow you to watch television, listen to the news, and watch reality television. Your internet connection has arrived.

So is all the other work that occurs on satellites. The contact between satellites and the earth is from sixty kilometers to a thousand kilometers. Anything that gets stuck or returns her drawback is that satellite communications do not reach us.

So everything she does to help electronic views to come to their place. Or there awaken the electrons and the signals that come through them come to the earth. In the same way, it is possible to connect with the earth to space. So she does everything she can to encourage electronic viewers to visit their location. It wakes the electrons, and the impulses that pass through them reach the earth. Similarly, it is possible to link the earth to space. Rain has nothing to do with it.

HAARP American Technology in Urdu

Pakistan Weather and Climate

When it comes to Pakistan Weather and Climate, the rains range from eight to fourteen kilometres. In addition, sixty to a thousand kilometres. There is no cloud formation between sixty and one thousand kilometres. Clouds can reach heights of up to 10 to twelve kilometres. I’m not going after this one. Even our country’s monsoon rains are seven thousand meters, Three kilograms, or ten thousand feet. Similarly, my brothers, the highest rain that is present is 500 and 400 HP. The clouds we observe at the highest elevations in winter may also exceed 300 HP. This rain has nothing to do with it.

Artificial Rain in Pakistan

Cloud city allows for the creation of artificial rain. But how much does it flood? You may see Saudi Arabia and other places where cross seeding is utilized, but it is useless. The first disturbance should be present, which is the fundamental issue because there is no rain until there is a disturbance, and then there is moisture. It should be, where will the rain come from while the winds are blowing? Where will the disturbance originate from if the humid breezes are blowing? All of this should be kept in mind. Now I’ll inform you in the next video. Why did the floods occur, trust me, it was not natural.

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