Kisan Weather News of 45 Days Farming Weather Forecast

Kisan Weather News

We have brought the complete Kisan farming weather forecast for our farmer brothers and we have expected the weather situation for the next thirty to forty-five days.

Weather Today

Dry winds are slowly coming. Temperatures are gradually decreasing. In most of the upper areas of the country, the temperature has decreased significantly during the night and it is no longer hot.

However, daytime temperatures are quite high. Heat is being felt in most of the upper areas of the country for thirty-five days centigrade.

Bakhabar Kissan Weather

Weather Pakistan Tomorrow

Now if we talk about the expected weather situation, the temperature is likely to drop gradually. Two showers of rain from tomorrow and one from next week in Pakistan will be effective.

Weather in Murree Pakistan

As if it would not rain for a reason. Light rain may occur in some places, but the weather in Murree, Pakistan will bring snowfall and rain will occur in the northern areas, which will affect temperatures in different parts of the country. But there are no chances of heavy rainfall under this.

Now talk of changes that will be affected by it comes first. Temperatures will be lower in most parts of the country.

Pakistan Climate 2022

During the night, the temperature in Punjab, KPK, Kashmir, and Balochistan will remain between ten and twenty degrees Celsius. In some areas, it can remain twenty to twenty-four degrees Celsius, but all these temperatures will cause cold weather during the day. Temperatures will drop somewhat, but a massive change will be seen in November.

Wheat Cultivation in Pakistan

Wheat cultivation will start soon. For wheat cultivation, we will have to see how necessary the rains are and where they are. Even if it did not rain, like in the upper and central areas of Pakistan, there is no rain in sight for wheat cultivation. If it comes, we will definitely inform you.

So this is why it is news for wheat cultivation areas that there is no chance of rain for any reason right now. However, when the southern regions are mentioned, it is expected that wheat crops will be good this time in some areas and not in some areas.

Weather Update Karachi Pakistan

Where the water from the lands is dry, there will be good rains and in the areas of Sindh where water is still standing, there are chances of the wheat crop being affected.

November Pakistan Weather

After that, if the smog is mentioned, there will also be many diseases. The causes of environmental pollution during November will be on their way, and from the end of October, it will be a regular entry into Punjab and Kashmir, causing environmental pollution in most areas. Use it during this time and consider it necessary for asthma patients to stay indoors.

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