10 days Weather Forecast of February 2022

10 days Weather Forecast of February 2022

The 10 days Weather Forecast of February 2022 will remain cold and dry in most parts of Pakistan. A rainy spell likely from 11th of February.

Weather Today

Cold and Dry weather will continue in most parts of Pakistan.

Weather Tomorrow

Weather tomorrow will remain cold and dry in most parts of Pakistan. A new rainy spell take place from 11th of February.

February weather 2022

Every year from February to May, most parts of Pakistan experience severe hail and lightning. And because of this we have to see accidents at different times. It is possible to save them. That you should stay at home And in the meantime, avoid unnecessary travel. That wheat harvesting time is going to start, so avoid harvesting wheat on rainy days in such a situation.

February weather outlook

Considering the weather condition of February, a series of rains will affect Pakistan during the first week of February. There is a satellite image in front of the time in which you can see that the first series of rains is affecting Pakistan and there are chances of rain in different areas of Pakistan under the influence of this series KPK, upper and central areas of Punjab. And Kashmir areas will see good rains, hail and thunder.

Extreme weather events

Talk about the overall weather condition of February. So the global climate is going neutral meanwhile. Lanina will be over. And the situation will escalate towards neutral. Which is a very positive news. Winter can say that. The end of Lanina by May causes more western winds to arrive in Pakistan. Meanwhile, MGO will not be Pakistan initially. But having Lanina won’t have the desired effect.

New rainy spell

As you can see, rains are coming in Pakistan during the first week of February. Let’s talk about the expected weather situation, i.e. how many series of rains will affect different areas of Pakistan during February, then three to four series of Pakistan. Different areas can be affected. There may be two series of severe types that can cause good rains in different parts of Pakistan. Winter waves will continue to affect different parts of Pakistan during all these series. After rising temperatures, rain could lead to various areas with hail, lightning strikes, thunderstorms and so on. We will keep you informed about this from time to time.

Balochistan in February 2022

If Balochistan is mentioned, the temperature in Balochistan will remain lower than normal. However, the ratio of rainfall is expected to last longer than usual. Meanwhile, one or the ends of rainfall may affect Sindh and all areas have normal rainfall chances.

KPK in February 2022

If Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is mentioned, three to four series of rains will be affected. Which will cause heavy snowfall in upper areas. In the meantime, there will be more rains than usual in most tourist places and most areas of Upper Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. While other areas have chances of normal rainfall during this time. The ratio of snowfall will be higher than normal.

Punjab weather in February 2022

If we talk about Punjab, upper areas of Punjab will see more rains than usual. Meanwhile, there are chances of more rains than usual in the Pothohar region. Relatively less rains are expected in central and southern Punjab during this time. However, during this time overall, there will be rainfall as usual. And the overall weather of Punjab will get rainfall as usual. Kashmir weather in February 2022 There are chances of more rainfall in Kashmir as well. Overall, all areas of the country could see slightly higher temperatures during this time. Overall the weather will be pretty good though. We will keep you informed about this from time to time. You are requested to subscribe our channel. Click on the bell icon and get every update on time.

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